24 mars 2011

Bird Garland for Paper Lovers!

This was originally done in Febuary 2010

the swap-bot page

  • I sent : 2010_02_20___Bird_Garland__0_ 2010_02_20___Bird_Garland__1_ 2010_02_20___Bird_Garland__2_ 2010_02_20___Bird_Garland__3_ 2010_02_20___Bird_Garland__4_

As I didn't found already square paper where I live I've cut it. I made varients of cranes and when it was assembled I saw it needed some weight. I've added stone chips and it was finished. In the package I've added the origami birds I didn't use.

  • I received : 2010_02_23__0____Bird_Garland 2010_02_23__1____Bird_Garland 2010_02_23__2____Bird_Garland 2010_02_23__3____Bird_Garland 2010_02_23__4____Bird_Garland

I like this :)

  • It was really fun to do !!!

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