01 août 2011

Miniature Quilt Swap #6

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12 juillet 2011

birth announcement card (part 3 - final)

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30 mai 2011


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17 mai 2011

no crafting

Hello my few visitors.   As you can see it's been a moment since I've done a craft project. My baby boy takes most of my time. I need to tidy my bedroom craft area before I could do anything.   Hope you stay tuned. See you soon !  
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12 avril 2011

My Love

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04 avril 2011

handmade journals unwritten

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29 mars 2011

no weekly challenge...

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24 mars 2011

Bird Garland for Paper Lovers!

This was originally done in Febuary 2010 the swap-bot page I sent : As I didn't found already square paper where I live I've cut it. I made varients of cranes and when it was assembled I saw it needed some weight. I've added stone chips and it was finished. In the package I've added the origami birds I didn't use. I received : I like this :) It was really fun to do !!!
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21 mars 2011

catching up

At the beginning of last year, I did a few swaps. But unfortunately I had some problems to realize 3 of them, including one I hosted. In one of my received packages, there was a zine of where my partner lives and I found the idea really great ! So as I only did some doodling the week, I did my zines this night as I have problems to sleep... But I need to buy a printer so I can see if they are readable...  
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20 mars 2011

Sewing projects (doodling part)

For the moment I can't take out my sewing machine because I don't have the place to use it. But I still have ideas ! (and this week I spent too much time playing on my computer...)   I have 2 couch cushions with removable covers, but no spare ones... So I thought why not do a lovely pair to brighten up the black couch ? I want to do some embroidery, but I need it to be child safe ! Lots of embroidery ideas here, and some nice color ideas here. The cushions are 52x35cm. I would like to do some crazy quilt around the... [Lire la suite]
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